Glaspole Records

==== Terms and Conditions====
Grading of records

A Fine

A- Lightest signs of use. May contain occasional light scuffs, but should play as “A”

B+ Minor scratches and/or wear which may sound

B Sounding scratches and/or wear

B- Noisy but playable

Specific isolated faults are always described separately.


Amour “Amour” Record. The last Russian GCL label; Amour Concert; Amour Monarch The equivalent of DC and DM elsewhere; Asterisk (*) attached to disc number indicates an acoustic recording; CS Centre start (Pathe discs so described usually play at around 90 rpm) DC Dog Concert (earliest “His Master’s Voice” label, 10-inch); DG(A)G Deutsche Grammophon (Aktien) Gesellschaft; DM Dog Monarch (as DC, but 12-inch); DpG Disque pour Gramophone, or Disque Gramophone (GCL, France); EC Edge chip; EFNTG Edge flake, not to grooves; FLM Few light marks; G&T Gramophone and Typewriter, Ltd.; GCL Gramophone Co., Ltd.; HC Hair crack; IHC Internal hair crack; LC Lamination crack; MGT Minor grey traces in the grooves; ND Needle dig; PD Pre-Dog; POM Pressing of master; Pre Amour GCL, Russia, roughly equates to the “Pre-dog” label elsewhere. G&T labels were in use up to 1908, and Pre-Amour labels up to 1911 in Russia. The “His Master‘s Voice" image was never used there; RS Rough start; RSOL Rubber stamp on label; SOL Sticker on label; VC Vertical cut, “Hill-and-dale” (special pickup required); VdP La Voce del Padrone; VdsM La Voix de son Maitre; WOL Writing on label


Orders may be placed by e-mail or via my website, by telephone, or letter. Please leave a message if I am not available; it will ensure your order is logged and I will happily return your call if you wish to discuss an enquiry. Please register your name clearly. You will receive a prompt acknowledgment of your order to be followed by a confirmatory invoice in Pounds Sterling (£) which will include shipping charges. Goods will be dispatched as quickly as possible upon receipt of payment. Goods will be held unpaid for 30 days.

Packing, carriage and insurance

There is a nominal charge of £3.00 per parcel for packing.
Inland All packets and parcels will be sent by First Class Mail or, for larger parcels, by courier, as appropriate.
Overseas Smaller orders (typically three 12-inch records) will be sent by Royal Mail (air mail). This is the cheapest option for most destinations. For larger parcels I will quote the best price available to me by courier.


Please do not send any payment until you have received an invoice. Payment may be made by PAYPAL ( By cheque drawn on a UK bank in Pounds Sterling. By direct credit to my bank (account details will be found on my invoice). I can accept no responsibility for cash sent through the post. Please note I no longer accept payments by any payment or credit card.


In the event of dissatisfaction with any goods as described a full refund will be given but I may ask for their return first. Notification must be given within three weeks of receipt of goods. Return postage will be refunded.